Ramit Sethi vs Bushra Azhar vs Bryan Harris

Forgive me reader, for I have sinned. I have lied to you. I tried to hide my addiction.

But now I must own the truth:

I’m a junkie - a course junkie. I've been through almost every launch system out there.

(It’s sad, I know. Apparently I have No Life.)

This year alone, I bought, analysed and finished 3 different courses on launching products:

  • Ramit Sethi’s Zero to Launch
  • Bushra Azhar’s Sold Out Launch
  • Bryan Harris’s Slingshot

As a result, I have one major pain point in my business right now - and it’s paralysing: CONFLICTING ADVICE. None of these experts agree with each other.

Want to drive your Arch Nemesis insane? Get him to hire all three as consultants at the same time.
(It’s okay. We don’t have to be realistic when fantasying about cruel and unusual forms of punishment. We can pretend we have unlimited funds.)

But WHICH system actually performs better?

In my last email, I promised you that we would focus on unique, experimental content going forward. So here we go.

The Experiment:

Between January - April, I’m going to launch the same course ("Fast 50") 3 different times using 3 different launch systems:

1) Bushra Azhar’s Sold Out Launch system.

2) Bryan Harris’s Slingshot system.

3) Ramit Sethi’s Zero to Launch system.

I will divide my list into 3 random groups. Each group will only get 1 of these launch sequences.

Then I’m going to take you behind the scenes and share the results with you.

I’ve never seen anyone do this before, so it’s going to be a unique experiment.

Therefore, I want to encourage you to make the most of this as a learning opportunity.

Look, I’m OBVIOUSLY mad. And I probably have masochistic tendencies. One launch is stressful enough - why on earth would anyone do three?

I get it:

Not everyone has the time to go through and implement 3 different launch courses.

Not everyone has the spare funds to invest in 3 launch courses.

More importantly: Not everyone is as obsessed with marketing strategy as I am to actually go ahead and do it.

(Yes, I’m a weirdo.)

So leverage my obsession for your own gain. You’re essentially getting the benefit of 3 launch systems (total price $11,276) by watching them in action - even if you haven't bought any of them.

Here is what I would do if I were in your shoes:

I’d treat this as a learning experiment. In particular, I would watch out for:

1) The different ways each system structures the same launch

2) The difference in the tone of the emails

3) How easy it would be to transplant that particular system to your own business.

By the way... there will be NO recycled content between the three launches. Each one will have a different sales sequence. I will be writing all the emails from scratch each time.

That being said...

I don’t want to bombard you with marketing emails from 3 launches back to back, so “choose your own adventure”:

Opt in here if you want to observe ALL 3 LAUNCHES:



Opt in here to be randomly assigned to ONE of the 3 launches. You'll miss out on the other two.


One final thing:

If you can guess from the sales emails which launch system I'm using, I'll give you a 50% "Connoisseur Discount".
AND I'll set you up as an affiliate. (Connoisseurs deserve to be pampered ;) )