Watch me take 10 random opt-in ideas from 10 industries,

tear them down and build them back up so they convert at 50%+

(and prime visitors to buy from you)

Jen GreshamFounder of EverydayBright.com

I think you’re brilliant. Every time you tell me "not that, this," I get better and more confident in my own marketing.

Hilde FossenFounder of GetStyleConfidence.com

This is something people rarely do: Telling me exactly where to put in more work and even more importantly where to do less. That’s why I love working with you!

Rhonda & JimTheNextBigAdventure.net

[When asked what made my stuff different:] It actually helped us!A very well-known blogger/consultant, who shall remain nameless, recently had a webinar we listened in on and it was merely this person giving a 30 minute talk on how wonderful they were, before offering a discount on their next product with no real information shared.

Contrast that with Alp’s work: We were so inspired after watching him, we spent the entire drive discussing what we wanted to start working on.

What Do You Need Help With Right Now?


Teach me how to build an email list of buyers* (without having to beg and plead for every new sign up). 

(*Because you want buyers, not subscribers.)


Hold my hand and guide me. What's the ONE thing I should be doing right now?

(Strategy session or ongoing coaching.)


Do our marketing for us.

(Specific project or retainer. Think: "part-time marketing director" for your business.)

Ever had an opt-in offer that just flopped -  

for no apparent reason?


Hi, I’m Alp and I'm a lawyer-turned-marketing strategist. My opt-in pages convert at 70% and I want to show you how to do the same:

I work with online businesses who struggle with the black art of marketing and turn them into marketing mavens. In fact, one of my clients boosted her opt-in rates by 5500% by using some of the tactics you’ll learn in this exclusive training session for free.

Because you see...

At the end of the day, marketing - just like the law - is all about selling ideas.

Every time you open your mouth in court, you are trying to sell an idea to the judge. Every time you negotiate a contract, you are selling your client’s perspective to the other side. Everything you do IS selling.

And crafting an irresistible opt-in offer is a lot like crafting a settlement offer as a lawyer - it’s all about understanding what the right offer is.

What will get them to say, “Yes, I need this. Forget everything else, I’m signing it right now. Can I borrow your pen?

Get Your Ideal Buyers to Dream, Drool

and Instantly Opt In

If you want to...

STOP losing your customers to the competition -


START getting opt-in rates your peers will OGLE with “oh-my-freakin-gosh-you-must-have-sold-your-soul-to-the-devil-for-this” expressions...

Sign up for your exclusive training here (at no cost to you):

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