Observe all 3 launches (Thank You Page) - Trial and Eureka

You get to see EVERYTHING now. ;)

What's next...

You get to observe ALL 3 launches.

We'll start with a campaign modelled after Bushra Azhar's Sold Out Launch system.
You'll receive the first email soon(ish).

Then, I'm going to launch the same product using Bryan Harris's Slingshot system.

Finally, we'll test Ramit Sethi's Zero to Launch / Call to Action systems.

Now, go and watch that inbox like a hawk. Let's see who can spot those emails first.

PS: That's a hawk, right? Well, I'm a city guy so I can't really tell. A bird is a bird is a bird. 😛

If you have any questions about this experiment, you can always drop me a line at: alp@trialandeureka.com