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Create a high-converting opt-in offer

that drives buyers into your email list

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“Build an email list,” they said.

But you have barely discernible traffic and you have no clue about the best way to get opt-ins.

“Give something of value,” they said.

But that’s a very, very subjective term — value.

Whose value? What amount of value? What’s valuable to one is not to another.

Then there is the whole opt-in page mystery:

“Create an opt-in page to capture those leads,” they said.

But you just have no idea whether your page is good or not and what you should change.

And you don’t have enough traffic to A/B test it properly.

You’ve been working for weeks and weeks (no exaggeration) on setting up a freebie and opt-in page. Yet, you’re still not happy with it.

Finally, you get over your perfectionist anxiety and put it out there.

Alas, the story doesn’t have a happy ending…

Hours spent on writing up an offer and then it all goes to waste. No opt ins worth mentioning. You don’t know what’s wrong. You think you probably need to keep creating offers until one of them works.

What if there was a way to get it right?

What if there was a way to get it right - every single time - so that your future buyers would happily hand over their email addresses? 

For example, what if you could:

  • come up with an opt-in idea in the next 15 minutes...
  • see if it’s capable of converting before you waste weeks creating the freebie...
  • and if it passes muster, actually create the freebie and write the opt-in page copy in under 5 hours?

Well, there IS a way and here are all the resources you need to jumpstart the journey.

Getting started: 
How to craft an opt-in offer the right way

What’s actually going to have the most impact on how many people sign up to download your freebie? In other words, how can you do less work and still get more subscribers than everyone else?

Let’s say you only have 5 hours to create a new lead magnet and landing page from scratch.

Here is how you should spend that time:

So now you have an idea about what incentive to offer to entice visitors to join your email list. But is that idea actually CAPABLE of converting more than 50% of your visitors into email subscribers? (Because not every idea is.)

Here is the thing: The best copywriting in the world can’t save a bad offer. You can’t put lipstick on a pig.

Obviously, if your idea won’t work, it’s better to know that BEFORE you spend weeks creating the freebie.

These 7 litmus tests will show you whether your opt-in idea will fly or flop.

And if you already have an opt-in offer but it’s not converting, they will help you identify why so you can fix it:

Yes, yes… all that theory is good but will it actually work for YOUR industry?

And how do you apply it? 

That’s why I created this detailed training:

Your Next Step: 
Do this ONE thing now to get ahead of the competition

Knowledge alone won’t build your email list. So here is the simple action I want you to take in the next 5 minutes to jumpstart the process:

Come up with just ONE idea.
Then you can use the resources above to sculpt it into a form that will actually convert well.

That said, sometimes you just need to see what’s already working before you can get your creative juices flowing. 

So I carefully curated 1500 successful opt-in and product ideas from 25 industries for your inspiration. I call it “The Opt-in Idea Bank”.

Click the button below and sign up on the next page to explore the Opt-in Idea Bank. 

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