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The “50/50/50” Formula to Create a High-Converting Lead Magnet and Landing Page in under 5 Hours

By Alp | List-building

Let’s face it:

Nobody vaults out of bed singing like Mary Poppins about creating a lead magnet.

In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun

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It’s one of those things you know you need to do, but just can’t be bothered because it will take forever.

Instead of slaving for weeks over your lead magnet and landing page...

What if you could get everything done and dusted in 5 hours?

That’s the premise of this free training.

How to do less work and still get more subscribers than everyone else

Here, I’ll show you how to apply the 80/20 Principle to opt-in offers:

What’s the 20% of stuff you can work on that will get 80% of results

In other words…

Out of all the things you could do, what’s actually going to have the most impact on how many people sign up to download your freebie?

Let’s say you only have 5 hours to create a new lead magnet and landing page from scratch. How should you spend your time?

That’s what The “50/50/50” Formula will show you.

Click the video below to watch the training:


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Worked Example

Let’s apply The “50/50/50” Formula to calculate the most efficient distribution of our time.

Again, suppose you have 5 hours.

Step 1: Spend half of that time on identifying the right problem to solve with your freebie. This gives us 150 minutes to play with:

Action Item


Time Remaining 

Spend 2 hours on market research to find a problem that your target buyers know they have and are actively trying to solve.

120 min

180 min

Spend 25 minutes brainstorming possible freebies you could create to solve this problem. To jumpstart your brainstorming, browse through my Opt-in Idea Bank for inspiration. It has 1500 carefully curated ideas for 25 different niches.

25 min

155 min

Pick one of the ideas you brainstormed. (There is an Idea Catcher Playsheet inside the Opt-in Idea Bank to help you with this.)

5 min

150 min

Step 2: Spend half of your remaining time to craft your offer. This gives you 75 minutes to play with.

Action Item


Time remaining

Write out your freebie idea as a headline using my formula. (Click on the linked article and go to the section titled: “Stage 1: The Idea”)

15 min

135 min

Spend an hour putting that idea through my 7 Opt-in Litmus Tests to see whether it will actually convert (and if not: to whip it into shape).

60 min

75 min

Step 3: Take the you have left (75 min) and spend roughly half of that time (40 min) to write the copy on your opt-in page.

Action Item


Time remaining

Write the rest of your opt-in page copy. You already have the headline from Step 2.

40 min

 35 min

Step 4: Spend your remaining time to create the actual freebie.

Action Item


Time remaining

Create the freebie content.

35 min


Remember: Your freebie should be a “quick fix” that your target can read and implement in 15 minutes tops.

So if it’s taking you two whole weeks to create your freebie, you’re probably not creating a “quick fix.”

Why is this important?

Because if you create a freebie that’s too big, people will download it, take one look at what’s inside and go: “Yeah, this looks like work. I’ll do it later.”

Which means… they’ll never actually implement your solution.

Which means… they won’t get results.

Which means… they won’t be hungry to buy from you.

Which means… those two full weeks you spent on creating the freebie were actually wasted.

That’s why the “50/50/50 Formula” is so powerful.

It keeps you focussed on what really matters: finding the right opt-in idea.

As an added benefit, it pours cold water on temptation and prevents you from getting carried away:

If you know that you’ll only have half an hour to create the freebie, you won’t be tempted to flirt with an idea for a solution that would require a 15 day webinar series to teach…

Enter your text here...

Your Next Step

I don’t want this to be an “Oh, that’s interesting…” article you read but never take action on.

So let me give you ONE simple action you can take in the next 30 seconds to jumpstart the process:


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