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Opt-in Revival: 10 ideas from 10 industries crafted to convert at 50%

By Alp | List-building

Watch me take 10 random opt-in ideas from 10 industries, tear them down and build them back up so they convert at 50%+


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In this training you will:

  • Get intimately acquainted with the anatomy of the perfect opt-in offer (so you can re-sculpt yours to get your ideal buyers to dream, drool and immediately subscribe)
  • Learn how to transform your freebie into something your subscribers WILL actually use (so THEY get results and YOU get emails saying, “I don’t know what you’re selling but I want it.”)
  • Look beneath the hood at what really goes on when a marketing strategist designs an offer (my clients pay thousands of dollars to get access to the strategies I’m sharing here)
  • See 10 different pages from 10 different industries, so you understand what makes opt-in offers convert across many different markets (steal my secrets and apply it to your business)
  • Discover how to outshine and outsell your competitors (because now you know what works and what doesn’t)


  • A mystery story about an opt-in (the whodunit is revealed at the end of the training – can you figure it out before the Big Reveal?) [05:07]
  • 80/20 of opt-in offer creation: how to do less and still get more sign-ups than everyone else [12:32]
  • The overwhelming urge to own that makes advertising work and where it comes from [12:50]
  • The OPT(IN)CANTATION that will unlock your way into any inbox: the 5C’s of opt-ins that convert [15:52]
  • If you only had 5 hours to craft your opt-in offer and landing page, how should you spend it? The 50/50/50 principle [18:13]
  • Case Study: Why Seema’s opt-in is converting at 61% (even though the copy is meh) [21:32]
  • Analysis: Why did Seema’s opt-in offer bring in 244 subscribers, 107 sales and $3742 in revenue? [25:56]
  • A grading sheet for your opt-in (and why all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others in terms of their effect on your opt-in rate) [30:10]
  • Does a good opt-in offer “sell” despite bad copy? [37:41]
  • The 5-step litmus test for a 50% opt-in rate [40:04]
  • Litmus Test #1: The buying intent test [40:23]
  • The lock & key principle: how to match your solution to their problem so that prospects see you as the go-to expert [41:12]
  • How to package your solution into an opt-in [47:57]
  • Reality-check: Will your ideal customers think “Nah, this isn’t for me” when they see your opt-in offer? (3 questions to ask yourself to find out in advance) [53:55]
  • Why ultimate guides don’t work anymore for opt-ins [54:01]
  • “Just give something of value”, they said…
  • The Value Iceberg: how prospects really measure “value” (it’s not in dollars or depth as we automatically assume, and understanding value is key to improving conversions) [54:11]
  • Lukewarm vs burning pains – and why, ultimately, that’s not the right distinction [58:33]
  • Various opt-in makeovers (and the paid offers they could lead to) [60:08]
  • Challenge #1: “I bet you couldn’t design 1 opt-in offer that would work for 5 different industries” [70:50]
  • The art of the joint giveaway: how to leverage your peers’ lists to kickstart your own (even if you have less than 200 subscribers) [71:14]
  • Challenge #2: The “NO FREEBIE” Opt-in Offer [81:53]
  • Case Study [83:08]
  • Where marketers go wrong (and why marketers and buyers measure value with different rulers) [87:34]
  • What causes opt-in offers to flop even when you give away the farm? [87:58]
  • Worked example: How to apply the three levels of the Value Iceberg [88:36]

Industries & Niches Discussed

  • Freelancers & Service Providers (virtual assistants, ad strategists, brand strategists, graphic designers, web designers, freelance writers, stylists, consultants, copywriters)

  • Mindfulness & Spirituality (mindfulness and meditation, alternative healers, lightworkers, New Age, spiritual teachings, astrology)

  • Dating & Relationships

  • “Make Money Online” (business coaches, blogging coaches, digital product experts)

  • “Look and Feel Good” (fitness, food, fashion, health, make-up)

  • Productivity & Self-Improvement

  • Personal Finance

  • Photo & Video

  • Course Creators


Now it’s your turn to create a high-converting opt-in page.


Explore the Great Opt-in Idea Bank, which houses a carefully curated collection of 1500 opt-in and product ideas for 25 different niches.

After that, here is what I recommend you do next:

1) Brew yourself some coffee and browse through the Opt-in Idea Bank for inspiration.

2) Pick an idea from its vaults. (There is an Idea Catcher Playsheet inside the Idea Bank to help you with this.)

3) Put that idea through my 7 Opt-in Litmus Tests to (a) see whether it will fly or flop and (b) whip it into converting shape.

Take 30 minutes and methodically go through each litmus test in your workbook.

And you WILL emerge on the other side with absolute clarity on whether your idea will fly or flop… BEFORE you spend the whole week creating something nobody wants to download.