Behind-the-scenes: “Revenue jumped by 55% and the love from readers by 100%” - Trial and Eureka

Behind-the-scenes: “Revenue jumped by 55% and the love from readers by 100%”

By Alp | Marketing Strategy

I’m going to do something I never do, and give you a “backstage pass” to the strategy work I do for clients with 6- and (mainly) 7-figure businesses.

This week we’ll use one of my clients, Brainard Carey, as our first case study.

I’ll walk you through the problem he consulted me on, how I adjusted his marketing strategy, and the results he got, so you can see how a small, surgical change to your game plan can lead to your highest grossing month to date.

Brainard is the founder of the Praxis Center for Aesthetic Studies. He is an educator, the author of three books for artists, and also an artist himself with major shows like The Whitney Museum Biennial.

Definitely a busy guy.

I don’t know where he finds the time, but on top of all that, he also interviews major figures from all over the art world for Yale University radio.

When Brainard came to me, he had a problem:

Their marketing strategy wasn’t working as well as it used to.

Praxis Center has an email list of around 60,000 subscribers, but they were seeing a decline in paid memberships.

After one consultation, Brainard:

  • Walked out with a marketing strategy that significantly reduced his workload and expenses;
  • Within 3 weeks, had his highest grossing month to date; and
  • Since then, “revenue has jumped by 55% and the love from readers by 100%”.



Starting tomorrow, we’ll explore every step in Brainard’s journey.

But first a word of warning:

I don’t do marketing strategy the way other people do marketing strategy.

I go in, make a few surgical strikes, and I go out.

I don’t believe in handholding.

I don’t believe in never-ending retainers.

I don’t believe in “Do this, this, this, and this, AND this, AND this too.”

If a strategy is complicated, it’s probably not very good.

Here is what I DO believe in:

You should walk out of a strategy session with a light bulb moment: “That’s so SIMPLE! Why didn’t I think of that before?”

Your workload should go down, not up. (Everybody can work more to earn more. Why do you need a strategist for that?)

You should feel energised, not drained, by your marketing to-do list, because your strategy plays to your strengths.

If you’d like me to audit your marketing and craft a better strategy to grow your online business, send me an email and let me know what you have in mind.

(Obviously, the investment varies depending on the scope of the project. However, to give you a rough ballpark figure, I typically charge about $1,000 per strategy session and prices will go up to $2,000 starting on February 5th.)