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"Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go."

T.S. Eliot

By Alp | Announcements

Blog Posts? They Are Coming

This blog might not be direct enough – or it might be too direct. I’ve gone outside my comfort zone in writing and publishing it, and I hope you’ll go out of your comfort zone in reading it.

Here’s what you can expect in the coming weeks.

The posts I’m going to write fall into five categories: Finding blogs. Landing guest posts. Writing effortlessly. Getting subscribers. This and that.

Here's What You Can Expect


… is all about becoming a Blog Hunter and finding the best places to guest post.

Then you’ll say:

“I found this perfect blog to guest post on. It gets tons of traffic, has my dream audience and its readers are super engaged. I heard this other guy built his entire business on the subscribers he got from a single post there."

You’ll be happy. I’ll be happy. Happiness will lead to World Peace.

Coming soon:

  • How to Find Guest Posting Gold Mines (and Avoid Toxic Blogs That Bring Zero Subscribers)
  • How to Tell if a Seemingly Good Guest Blogging Target Will Actually Flop
  • How to Weed Out Crappy Guest Blogging Targets So You Don’t Waste Time
  • How to Find the Kingmakers in Your Niche (and Why You Should Stop Spamming Random Bloggers for Guest Post Opportunities)
  • How to Find Hidden Influencers in Your Network to Guest Post For
  • How to Find Where Your Target Audience Hangs Out Online (and Stop Searching for Penguins in the Sahara)


… is all about getting guest post invitations.

Then you’ll say:

“My dream site invited me to guest post for them. In fact, I sent out all my pitches in one weekend and now my inbox is flooded with guest post invitations.”

Result? World Peace.

Coming soon:

  • How to Write a Guest Post Pitch No Popular Blogger Can Resist
  • Why “No” Is Just a Delayed “Yes”
  • Jedi Mind-Trick: How to Turn a "No" Into a "Yes" If Your Guest Post Is Rejected
  • Turn the Tables: How to Get Popular Bloggers to Ask YOU for Guest Posts
  • Keys to the Kingdom: How to Get Popular Bloggers to Unlock Their Network and Pitch Guest Posts on Your Behalf
  • How Complete Newbies Can Land Killer Guest Post Opportunities
  • The Art of Compliment: the ultimate guide to telling a blogger you love their work without coming across as a fan boy
  • How to Become the Cool Kid Popular Bloggers Can’t Wait to Hear From
  • How to Use Your Network to Land Seemingly Out of Reach Guest Posts


… is all about preventing premature baldness and writing without yanking your hair out.

Then you’ll say:

“Dude, this writing thing is easier than I thought.”

And this will never happen to you again:

“Maybe you’re just not cut out for this.

You shut up, sit down and type.

Nothing comes out.

It’s been weeks since you last posted. If you don’t come up with something amazing soon, they’ll just move on. Your readers will desert you.

The problem is…

You’ve covered every topic in your niche. There is nothing else to talk about.

Should you just repurpose some content and hope nobody notices? But what if they call you out?

Admit it… you’ve wondered.

How do they do it?

These writers who say SUSDAT, there is no such thing as writer’s block. See? They apply bum to chair… and words pour out. It’s 6 am and they’re already typing furiously like Noah trying to keep ahead of the Flood.”

See? World Peace again.


… is all about what it says on the tin. Don’t just write well – write effectively. Get subscribers, grow your list, launch faster.

Then you’ll say:

“This one guest post changed my life. I got more subscribers from it than all my other guest posts combined.”

Bottom line?

Yep, you’ve got it. World Peace.

Coming soon:

  • How to Get Tons of Subscribers From a Small Blog
  • 30 Minute Disaster Assessment: How to find out why your guest post flopped, set yourself up for success next time and NEVER make the same mistakes again
  • The 3 Rookie Mistakes That Make You Waste 20+ Hours on a Guest Post and Get No Subscribers
  • How to Write Viral Guest Posts That Get You Subscribers For Years to Come: A Case Study
  • How to Get More Subscribers from Your Next Guest Post Than All The Others Combined



.. are cool ideas I stumbled upon. Think of these as short, Seth Godin-style posts. Ideal for those who have no time and even less patience.

(Also: Eminently sharable on your favourite social platform. Hint hint.)

Examples of Stray Thoughts currently bouncing around in my head:

  • Envy: The Voice of God?
  • Why asking for an extra napkin on a flight is harder than asking for a $5m preliminary injunction (and why this is the key to getting links from influencers)
  • Who is John Galt again?
  • They didn’t create the button, they’re only pushing it
  • Morning Routine Ruined? How to Salvage the Rest of the Day
  • And my favourite: Is this worth a toe?

… are tailor-made for you. Change your life, change the world.

For example:

  • The 30-Day “Jon Morrow” Challenge: How to halve your research time, double your opt-in rate and write posts people will knock over doors to read
  • The 30-Day “Ramit Sethi” Challenge: Finish what you start. Negotiate anything. Write crazy copy.
  • The 30-Day “Bryan Harris” Challenge: How to reverse engineer and test guest blogging strategies. Turn other people’s Big Wins into repeatable and scalable formulas.

And if you’re still wondering what you get from reading this blog…

World freaking Peace. Jesus.


Are you ready to make it happen?