False Facebook friends who will foil your financial fun (and product launch parties) - Trial and Eureka

False Facebook friends who will foil your financial fun (and product launch parties)

By Alp | Email Marketing

I have the stone heart of a gargoyle but this melted even mine:

“Today, all of my friends showed up an hour late for my 18th birthday party because they decided to go get dinner without me.”

Poor guy!

OK, Rescue Friday. Fasten your seatbelt, switch on the sirens, and slam your foot on the gas pedal.

We’re going in as the first response team and dispensing some life-saving advice to him:

First, don’t share the cake. They are probably too full anyway.

Second, they aren’t your friends. Amputate them from your life.

It’s painful, but it’s necessary.

If they don’t value you as much as you value them, then they are not going to start anytime soon.

Third, don’t lose hope. College, work and adult life is just around the corner. That’s when you make mature and less superficial friends.

Ok, rescue team! Mission accomplished.

Pack the shock pads, hop back into the ambulance, and let’s drive home.

While we are stuck in Friday traffic, we might as well contemplate our own predicament as online entrepreneurs.

Most of us have numerous business “Facebook friends”.

But some of them are hardly “friends”.

Publicly, they cheer for you when you report your wins and product launch post-mortems.

Secretly, they would like nothing more than to ruin your special day.

This online business thing can get a bit lonely at times, I’ll grant you that.

Nobody in your “real life” gets what you’re building.

And some of the people in your “online life” just can’t be trusted.

But trust ME when I say there ARE people out there who “get” you.

Who laugh at your jokes…

Who don’t ask you to hide your ambition…

I know this because I am blessed to have several legions of them in all my courses.

For example, to amuse my gargoyle heart, I recently pitted two cohorts in Email Prodigy against each other in a “friendly” competition.

Look at the banter that resulted:

They are mastering their email marketing game, having gallons of fun (sometimes at my expense - I tend to mispronounce certain verbs in a rather misfortunate way), and proudly unleashing their ambition.

Well, don’t feel left out.

Email Prodigy will open for enrollment again in the coming months.

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