Case study: When a sales-averse customer thanks you for selling to him O.o - Trial and Eureka

Case study: When a sales-averse customer thanks you for selling to him O.o

By Alp | Marketing Strategy

​How do you sell through email when your target buyers hate being sold to?

Let’s say your market is artists.

They’re notorious for their mistrust of anything to do with business, marketing or sales.

So if your subscribers bite off your head every time you email them about an upcoming product launch… what can you do?

You certainly can’t stop selling, because...

No launch emails = No sales

No sales = No business.

For the past couple of days (321), we’ve been looking at the strategy work I did for one of my clients, The Praxis Art Centre, as a case study.

Yesterday, I showed you how I solved this problem for the Praxis Art Centre and its founder, Brainard Carey:

Write “soft sell” emails, which look like content but trigger an overpowering urge to buy. Then your subscribers will THANK you for selling to them.

They’ll actually enjoy reading your launch emails, instead of feeling like they need a cold shower to wash off all the icky selling off their eyeballs.

For example, when Brainard implemented this technique, he immediately noticed a change in how his subscribers reacted to his sales emails.

Look at this message one of Brainard’s subscribers sent him:


“I think these emails with stories and information and tips, and then a paid course are really well done and a great, helpful way to solicit rather than just hitting someone over the head.”


Well, that’s great for Brainard - but what about you?

What kind of email strategy work work for YOUR business?

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