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Diagnostic Toolkit: how to fix your opt-in so it converts

By Alp | List-building

Five points to Gryffindor if you can figure out what this story has to do with the subject line before I tell you:

I was shopping for some furniture the other day and suddenly I heard this earsplitting noise. The kind that immediately makes you think, “Is this an ISIS attack and where is the nearest exit?”

Then I realised two employees had dropped a glass table, which shattered and left them with big cuts on their hands and arms.

The odd thing is…

They weren’t written up for breaking the piece, but because a nearby customer heard them both swear in pain and reported them.

So there are shards of broken glass on the floor, and she’s worried about sweeping away their expletives.

(Figured it out yet?)

Classic example of ignoring the real problem & trying to fix irrelevant minutiae.

OK, maybe not so “classic” (I mean, how many times a day does THAT happens to you?), but you get my point.

Anyway, this is actually similar to how most people try to fix a broken landing page: fixing minutiae.

They wonder if they should change the button colour, or offer a webinar instead of a checklist, or play around with the words on the page.

None of that stuff matters.

Here is what DOES matter + 7 litmus tests to see if it’s broken on YOUR landing page:

>>> Click here to explore the Diagnostic Toolkit <<<

Read through the litmus tests. Leave a comment.

If we reach 50 comments, I might create another diagnostic toolkit for a problem you’re struggling with.

Can’t think of anything to say in your comment?

Let’s play a game:

Pick a number from 1 to 7. Read the corresponding litmus test and then tell me if you ever thought of applying that concept to a landing page.

If not, what surprised you about my litmus test?

And while you’re at it… you might as well tell me which Hogwarts house you truly belong in.

(If you don’t say anything I’ll assume it’s Slytherin.)