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How to spin a story into a sales email

By Alp | Email Marketing

You’ve read one of those emails before, right?

There’s a story… but it doesn’t really make you crave the product.

You’re left wondering, “How does this relate to what you’re selling again?”

Or they tell you a pretty good story...

But the way they then transition from the storytelling to the selling seems awkward and forced.

Or the story does actually create hunger for the product...

But you feel manipulated. It just seems too calculated.

No wonder everyone is trying to tell you a story. It’s one of the most effective ways to sell something.

Here is what marketing blogs don’t teach you though:

How to pivot from that story back to what you’re selling.

If you don’t do that part well, the story won’t actually help you sell your product.

The solution is what I call the Pivot Technique.

This allows you to pivot from any story under the sun to your offer. Then the story actually helps you sell your thing, naturally and authentically.

This week I am going to teach you how to do that, so your busy subscribers will actually make time to read (and buy from) your emails. Every day this week, I will take the following story and spin it into a different email:


“I saw a girl on campus walking with her eyes closed & I asked if she was alright. She said she was taking a nap while walking to class.”


Let’s see how many different ways I can spin this “napping to class” story to sell Email Prodigy.

Wait… but why?

First of all, because it’s fun.

Yes, I’m opening enrollment to Email Prodigy, but why bore people to death by the same old sales emails everyone else uses? You & I, we can do better.

Second, it will teach you the most important thing about email marketing by watching it in action.

So hop along for the ride, and forward the emails to your friends.