Inbox conquered by aliens - Trial and Eureka

Inbox conquered by aliens

By Alp | Email Marketing

I would have made a great First Contact Specialist.

The Star Trek Federation should beam one of their better looking members back in time to recruit me.

Even on Earth, I discover new species of human and make first contact. Just you imagine what I could do among the stars...

For example, my most recent discovery is the Homo Napien, which is believed to be indigenous to college campuses.

I encountered this creature while visiting a professor friend of mine the other day. At first, I thought it was just a girl walking with her eyes closed.

So I approached her and asked if she was alright.

She calmly rotated her head 180 degrees and informed me, without opening her eyes, that she was taking a nap while walking to class.

I noticed that, as she spoke to me, she was simultaneously composing an epic poem to her boyfriend. Remarkably, she did this with her eyes closed, using just emojis and her left hand on Whatsapp.

Science Officer’s Personal Log: Evidence of superior finger dexterity, spacial awareness and multitasking ability. Recommend further study.

Subsequent research revealed other Twitter sightings in college campuses all over the world, so we know for sure that the Homo Napiens have been living among us for decades.

(I expect a Nobel Prize in Xenobiology any day now.)

But I believe this scientific discovery also has commercial application, especially in email marketing.

Sure, you might not be able to nap while you walk like the Homo Napien, but you do have quirks and abilities which are unique to you, and you alone.

You can stand out in the inbox as someone with a unique voice by strategically integrating these personality quirks into your emails.

For example, in Module 0 of Email Prodigy, I help you map out your Unique Personality Matrix using a collection of your points of view, colloquialisms, mannerisms, figures of speech, and personality quirks.

Then as we go through the training, and as I do teardowns on your assignments, I point out specific places in your emails where you can incorporate these to give your material a fresh angle.

This is especially helpful if you struggle to write entertaining emails because your subject matter is inherently technical or boring.

And, as you know, people buy more when in good humour.

For example, according to research by Professor Norbert Schwarz, who is one of the world’s top psychologists studying metacognition, or the “feeling of thinking”, people are more receptive to marketing (and therefore buying) when they are in a good mood.

So write emails that put your readers in a good mood.

One way of doing this is to use your Unique Personality Matrix to make your sales emails more entertaining, and therefore more effective.

If you want to map out your Unique Personality Matrix and get your own bespoke recommendations on how to use it to increase your sales, go you here and beam yourself into the Email Prodigy workshops:

PS: This post is Day 2 of the Pivot Experiment. I’m taking the same story and spinning it into a completely different sales email every day this week, so you can learn by example how to link your stories to what you’re selling. Invite a friend to watch along with you. 🙂