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Storage wars: Women’s shoes vs Men’s online marketing gadgets

By Alp | List-building

Someone please explain this female mystery to me:

Why does the fairer gender keep sixteen pairs of shoes under their desk?

Back when I was a lawyer, I observed this strange phenomenon every time I walked into a female colleague’s office - without fail, across three jurisdictions, in 11 different countries.

It boggles the (male) mind.

So I experienced some measure of bemusement when I read this on fmylife:

“Today, my cousin's three kittens peed all over every single pair of shoes under my desk, including some expensive heels. I spent two and a half hours cleaning all eighteen pairs. FML”

I still don’t understand why women need eighteen pairs of shoes, much less why they need them all engaged in fortifying the bunker under the desk against predators…

(I’ll need help from you to shed light on that mystery)

… but I do know a thing or two about keeping eighteen pairs of apps, plugins and marketing software under the desk(top).

Always a delight to discover that I am the proud owner of “eighteen pairs” of plugins when the monthly statement comes in for the business credit card...

And last week, the metaphorical cat peed all over my beloved software collection.

One subscription triggers my bank’s security algorithm.

The bank temporarily shuts down the credit card for security reasons.

That *of course* coincides with the billing cycle of all the other 17 apps…

So I get off the plane, walk into my office, and am greeting by the pungent smell of roughly one bazillion “Your card was declined” notifications in my inbox.

Of course, it pours when it pees, so Facebook tried to charge the credit card on that very same day.

The card was obviously closed for security reasons, so they couldn’t process the payment and all the ad campaigns... froze.

That stupid, $5 WordPress plugin I don’t even use peed all over my marketing and grinded the entire business to a halt.

Lots of paperwork and paper towels will be required to mop up all that pee. And we’re still scrubbing those eighteen pairs of software.

Lesson of the day:

Make sure your Facebook billing cycle is on a separate day free of any other subscriptions.


Don’t buy stupid tools and systems you don’t need.

But you know the one tool I have never regretted setting up?

It’s not an app. It’s not a plugin. It’s not software.

It’s a system you set up for yourself:

An automatic testimonial capture system.

If you’ve ever been on a call with me or bought one of my products, you’ll have experienced this in action.

Particularly after one-on-one interactions, my system asks you for feedback on the session.

You should do this too.

The truth is that everyone has testimonials, but most people fail to capture them.

Getting a steady stream of testimonials isn’t just good for your marketing and your bottom line.

It’s also good for morale.

It shows you, in real time, the impact you’re making.

For example, I did a teardown for FAST50 student Dr Lizette Ojeda a few weeks ago and then this popped up in my inbox:


“Where can I start with how impressed I am with Alp Turan...

Perhaps by sharing that in just one weekend, I was introduced to his killer "Optin Idea Bank" optin and instantly became a paying customer.

His optin was one of the best optins I had ever seen. In fact, I would have paid to get my hands on something like this!

The next day I got one of his emails and I was immediately sold on not just one, but TWO of his programs (I probably would have bought more, but he only promoted two things that weekend.) Alp is just that brilliant.

I mean, how else can someone compel me to hand over my credit card after just one day of entering my inbox?

Let me tell you, Alp does not disappoint. He has gone above and beyond like you wouldn't believe. He is one of the most supportive, encouraging, strategic, and not to mention FUN mentors I've ever had. If you step up to the table, you can bet he will, too.

His strategy is impressively easy to follow and not to mention effective. Before working with Alp, I felt overwhelmed, confused, and super frustrated with all things online marketing. But with Alp, not only do I now have a better grasp of this whole marketing thing, it's actually been really fun to learn his secret strategies.

I don't exaggerate when I say that nobody has made me feel as confident in my ability to bring in consistent leads that convert into buyers quite like Alp has. I am lucky to have Alp in my corner and I have no doubt that with his guidance on all things marketing, I will reach my goals ---all while having fun and more free time.”


The point is this:

If you do great work, your clients will be happy to shower you with testimonials, and case studies, and proof that your methods work.

You just need a system in place to capture that feedback while it’s still fresh in their minds.

In fact, soon you’ll run into the opposite problem.

They’ll be *too* effusive.

For example, looking at the testimonial above, I’m thinking:

“I can’t actually use this on my sales page. It sounds too good to be believable.”

So I’m actually going to write back to Lizette, and ask her:

“Is there anything you didn’t like about working with me? Or maybe something you were sceptical about before you saw my method in action? Maybe we could lead in with that to give a more balanced view?”

But you know what?

You could have a horrible week, with “cat pee” all over your software suite and ad campaigns…

And one testimonial like this still makes it all worthwhile.

So go ahead and ask your clients for feedback before they forget how much value they got from your session.