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SubsCRIERS hiding in the corner

By Alp | List-building

​I love children.

Maybe not enough to make one of my own. But I definitely like being the “fun uncle.”

On Friday, my best friend’s three year old daughter wanted to play “Hide and Seek”.

Except, I don’t think she quite gets the concept.

Every time I went to go look for her and took too long, she would come running out of her hiding spot saying she was “Right here, silly!”

Now wouldn’t it be nice if your target buyers came running out of their hiding spots on the internet and shouted, “I’m right here!” too?

Turns out there *is* a way to make that happen.

The hard way to get repeat customers is to play ‘Hide and Seek”.

As in… They hide in the nooks and crannies of other people’s Facebook groups. You try to find them.

But the easy way?

“Go and Seek”

You create a freebie that they know they want (this is key), and they go out of their hiding spots and come seek you out.

But obviously you want to find buyers when you do this - not stumble into a nest of subsCRIERS.

The ones who cry and complain, but never take serious action or invest.

The trick?

Solve an *isolatable* problem with your freebie that your target buyer is *aware* he has and would gladly pay to rid himself of.

You can see the system I use to find the *right* kind of problems to fix in Modules 1 & 2 of FAST50. Then in Module 3, you learn how to craft the “miracle solution” to that problem, so that your freebie gives them exactly what they need to get the results you promised.

If you also want a personal teardown of your opt-in, your product ecosystem, and funnel, then check out the Complete Edition.

We’ll sit down for a strategy session 1:1 to make sure your target buyers do less of the hiding and more of the seeking you out. 😉

(Just don’t make me babysit any 3 year olds when you go out to splurge your newfound profits.)