What happens when you email your list after going M.I.A. for months? - Trial and Eureka

What happens when you email your list after going M.I.A. for months?

By Alp | Email Marketing

​Public Panic #1 when it comes to email marketing:

“I haven’t written to my email list since, ummm, January? I feel like I need to send something explaining where I’ve been, and letting them know that I’m going to be emailing a lot more often. Agree or disagree?”

You’re probably thinking, “Boy can I relate to this!”


When you worry about what will happen when you email your list after going MIA for months….

Are you imagining the marketing equivalent of this story?

“Today, my dad tried to help me overcome my intense fear of horses (due to nearly being killed by one as a child) by taking me to a ranch. Within 30 minutes, a horse bit my face.”

On the surface, the two situations look completely unrelated.

What does the traumatic experience of getting bitten in the face have to do with getting backlash from your subscribers?

It doesn’t.

But the underlying emotion is the same:

“I knew I shouldn’t have done it! I was afraid for a reason. Should have trusted my gut!”

Because here is the movie playing out in your head:

You email them out of the blue after going MIA for 9 months. You get “bitten”. And then you berate yourself for doing it.

I’m sorry, but that’s ridiculous.

Personally, I’d just pick off where I left.

Nobody has ever raised an eyebrow when I’ve done that.

All they say is: “Great email. I missed you in my inbox!”

But it does depend on how long you've been MIA for - ie. will they still remember who you are when they see your name in their inbox?

Mostly though, it just depends on how you email them.

If you email them the way I teach in Email Prodigy, you’re very unlikely to get “bitten”.

Instead, you’ll probably get a homecoming party… and possibly, fan mail.

You might even get some cold, hard cash in the bank before you hit the hay for the day.

Here is proof, so quit foaling around and pony up attention:


“Just wanted to share another Email Prodigy success story--just got my first sale from my first email last week--to a list I haven't written to in 9 months. I haven't even sent another one (though I will!). Still kind of amazed that I can sell this product, at a mid-price point of $582, without a launch sequence. Yay!!”


Ultimately, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

If you are starved for return on all your online marketing investment, here is the water:


It’s up to you to drink or not.