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Take baby steps with email marketing, and finally pay back all the online courses you bought

By Alp | Email Marketing

Most people think babies are cute, and children mildly demonic.

Personally, I don’t mind small children. They can be bribed

It’s the babies I distrust.

The most powerful weapon in their arsenal?

They look so small, and squishy, and… innocent.

So you underestimate them.

For example, I have a “friend” who deeply underestimated his baby nephew’s climbing skills. He returned from the bathroom to find a broken vase, spilled powder formula, and his phone wiped clean from too many incorrect password attempts.

(Don’t ask me how I know this. I’m psychic and read his mind, on fmylife.)

A few thoughts came to mind when I heard his story:

Random Thought #1:

For some mysterious reason, we all imagined that scene with the Mission Impossible theme playing in the background, right?

Random Thought #2:

Has watching Rugrats taught you nothing about babies?

Random Thought #3:

Also, are you sure your nephew is a baby and not a mischievous “little person” lying about his age?

And finally:

Geez, man! How long were you in the bathroom!?

Anyway, the bottom line is this:

Most people underestimate what babies are capable of, and do so at their own peril.

Those people also tend to underestimate email marketing.

After all, what can one single, small, squishy, innocent looking sales email do for you?

Oh, I don’t know… It could, for instance:

Instantly validate demand for a new product idea?

Cha-ching you $600 from a relatively small list of fewer than 1,000 subscribers for a product that’s so spanking new it doesn’t even have a sales page yet?

Pay back half your investment in Email Prodigy with less effort than it takes to change a diaper?

But you don’t need to be psychic to know that.

You don’t even need to read tea leaves, just a few case studies.

Like this message one of the Email Prodigies posted in the group:


“Yes! An effective Soft Sell Email!

Good news: I just made $596 from one email promoting a new product. Since I've been sending emails every day then I no longer feel that every email has to be perfect so I thought I might as well do an experiment:

Create a quick new offering to check if this was something people actually wanted.

So I wrote an email designed to highlight an actual problem that I have seen many times, and also have had to rescue people from. What's great about the offer is that it's designed to make people's lives as easy as possible. It's a pretty low price but I advertised it as a Beta tester price so it wouldn't affect my pricing positioning.

For the email I used a variation of the Apollo template and I swear: I would never have thought out all of the nuances that are in that email.

I didn't create a sales page, but wrote down 4 bullet points in the email itself. Fastest sales process I've ever had.

2 people jumped on: They both said they had been wanting to work with me but didn't know what I had to offer that would suit them. This is something I have to work out and communicate clearly because several people have mentioned it.

They also said they loved to be beta testers - which is very interesting. Probably a way to make clients feel special.”


Emails like that are a very quick way to gauge interest in a product idea before you go all in and spend months creating a self-study version which nobody buys.

A few days later, the entire beta run sold out, making it a $894 email:



Here is the sales email Hilde wrote. I encourage you to study it, because (a) it’s a good email and (b) to see how easy it actually is to make sales, if you do it right.

This isn’t rocket science. You just need to understand how to do it correctly.

Email Prodigy will show you the how.

I’m teaching it for the final time this year starting on December 04th, and I’m officially opening it for enrollment today.

In fact, I encourage you to calculate the return on your investment for yourself.

Do you think you could write just 2 emails like that to pay back your investment?

2 emails in 6 weeks while you have direct access to me and can request a personal teardown on your emails?

Heck, even after that 6-week teaching period, you can still ask me questions in the group. Let’s say you join on the 7-month payment plan. Do you think you could have at least 2 successful emails in those 7 months?

I would be severely disappointed if you do not.

Right now, Email Prodigy has an 70% success rate. That’s “success”, not “course completion”.

70% of students have already paid back their investment, and I haven’t even finished teaching.

By the time I graduate the current cohorts, I fully intend Email Prodigy to have a 100% success rate.

Yes, that’s crazy.

Yes, that’s unheard of in the industry.

But based on the actual results students are getting, it’s certainly not impossible.

If you’re not serious about running a profitable business, if you’re okay with just having an expensive hobby, please do us both a favour and do NOT join Email Prodigy. I’m very ROI focussed. We won’t get along.

That said, if you want to run your business as a business…

If you want to make sales almost every time you email your list…

If you want to write the kind of sales emails your busy subscribers *make* time to read…

Then check out Email Prodigy:


PS: I won’t go easy on you in the programme. I will push you to excel. Come in with the mind of a child, curious and teachable. Come to play - and play to win.