The world’s most loving hate mail? - Trial and Eureka

The world’s most loving hate mail?

By Alp | Email Marketing

The aforementioned oxymoron crashed into my inbox at 19:32 local time on 21.08.2017 and left a heart-shaped impact crater in its wake:


“I think it's time to make this official. I hate you.

My air conditioner burst into fire today. So, I had to buy a new one. And I have been having a similar run most everyday the last 5 freaking months.

And now to put insult to injury, you start offering a slew of new candy that I most certainly want to get my greedy paws on. But I can't! I WANT your Email Prodigy NOW. Ok, I thought, I missed the August round, but I can try for the September one, but no, you sold all the seats to that too days after round 1. And now this latest tease. You're breaking my heart Alp Turan. Even though my mood brightens up when I see a new email from you in my inbox. Just so we are clear, I still hate you.



Ok, enough horsing around! Obviously, most “hate mail” isn’t this nice.

And neither is its passive aggressive cousin: the unsubscribe.

Most newbies freak out when they see a flurry of “goodbyes” after an email.

But here is the sobering truth - and a reframe for you:

At any moment in time, you are either focusing on unsubscribes or on sales. You cannot do both.

Option #1:

Stalk your unsubscribers.

Snoop around the contact records of each person who unsubscribed.

See when they subscribed...

Which emails they opened…

What “triggered” them to give you the silent finger…

Lose sleep at night over “losing” someone who wasn’t that into you, and probably would never have bought anyway.

Option #2:

Date your customers.

Ask them:

How did you find out about me?

What made you buy?

If I could promise you ONE result from this programme, what would you want it to be?

Among my many superpowers, being in two places at once is… NOT.

So I let people who want to leave, leave - and spend my time with buyers.

That’s how your targeting improves.

That’s how your copy improves.

That’s how your bottom line improves.

And after a while, you don’t even notice the unsubscribes.

You’re too busy counting sales.