Cage match: “Getting your name out there” vs “Getting the name of your prospect in here” - Trial and Eureka

Cage match: “Getting your name out there” vs “Getting the name of your prospect in here”

By Alp | List-building

I committed a minor felony today.

(No, not the cage match. We’ll get to that later.)

Being a (sporadic) early riser, I walked jogged to the gym at 6am this morning.

(Yes, it doesn’t happen often, so I’m going to brag about it - repeatedly.)

That in itself is probably a felony against human decency, but I actually did something even naughtier…

While walki - sorry: jogging - to the gym (at 6 am), I saw this graffiti on the bus stop map:

“Be with someone that makes you happy.”

It bugged me.

First of all, those bus numbers are already invisible to the human eye without the aid of a microscope. I don’t need your sickly sweet graffiti to make them any more illegible, thank you very much.

At 6 am, jogging, on the way to the gym no less, normal people have brain fog - and poor eyesight (on account of the eyes still being half shut).

Second, I think this is dangerous advice that might send the good people of Istanbul on a wild goose chase.

So I performed my civic duty as a smartass marketer.

I graffitied the graffiti, in the name of public service:

“Be with someone that makes you happy.”

(I always carry a pen. Especially when jogging. At 6 am.)

(The streets are dangerous. And as you know, the pen is mightier than the pistol.)

And that got me thinking…

What else do I see graffitied across the internet that I want to graffiti over, in the name of marketing public service?

Now that’s a tough thing to do, because at 6 am there are adverse thinking conditions, along with an annoying sheet of light rain and noxious garbage trucks.

Fortunately, I did not have to think long.

The over-excited marketer** whose podcast I was listening to started yapping in my ear about his content strategy.

(**He is perpetually overexcited. My working theory is that he was born into a tank of helium gas, and was then dutifully bathed in nitrous oxide.)

Anyway, for those of us who have teams, we obviously need to aim higher, but if you are a bootstrapped solopreneur, apparently you need to do the following as a bare minimum:

Publish new content every single day to get your name out there.

And by “content” he meant:

A blog post, a video, a social media message AND a podcast episode. Every. Single. Day.

After listening to this marketer’s content strategy, I am convinced I got shortchanged in the days department.

Mine only has 24 hours.

I don’t have enough time in my day to coordinate a team to do all of the above - nevermind doing it on my own.

I can’t do it with a team, but apparently YOU need to do it on your lonesome.

Because you need to “get your name out there.”

I’m not really sure exactly where “there” is or what’s supposed to happen when your name arrives “there.”

But, according to this person (who, I suspect, learned marketing from the movie Field of Dreams), if you broadcast your message enough times, you’ll stumble into an audience with your prospects and some percentage of them will buy from you.

Methinks this is nonsense of the highest order.

Rather than “getting your name out there”, you’d be much better off concentrating on getting the name of your prospects “in here”.

“In here” being your email list.

But that’s me being a smart(ass) marketer.

Rather than writing a new blog post every day, and then creating a new content upgrade for each post…

Much better to create ONE lead magnet that actually converts, and then write “satellite” content around the topic to promote it.

If you have 96 hours in your day, then by all means, be the McDonalds of content.

But if you’re like the rest of us, there is a better way to get the same results. I teach it in my course FAST50:

Scaling your email list is hard. But you know what’s even harder?

Going from “0” to “1”.

Not for FAST50 student Adrian though.

He went from “0” to “43” the same day he finished his first opt-in offer, which opened its eyes to a conversion rate of 42.6%:

Adrian then hit next milestone of 100 subscribers the following day, and started giggling without the help of any nitrous oxide:

(I have on good authority that Adrian only has 24 hours in his day.)

But it’s not only solopreneurs and beginners who are getting results from FAST50.

I’m told Dr Axe’s team used FAST50 to create their highest converting opt-in offer to date, and added 160,000 new subscribers. Their list currently sits at 1.8M.

(Case study coming soon - but then again, maybe not “soon” soon. I only have 24 hours, and 2 other offline businesses. And I’m somewhat lazy.)

But don’t mind all this data. It’s just facts, after all.

Better to listen to a guru’s opinion.

PS: Did I tell you that I went to the gym at 6 am this morning? I am somewhat proud of that.