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How to write marketing emails that stand out like a supernova in the night sky, create superfans and sell out your stuff

By Alp | Email Marketing

Long-time subscriber Ro Arora laments how I caused him grievous wifely harm:


“Dude! Your emails are so so good. Would love to learn how to write like that.

Got so engrossed in reading this, forgot to go pick up my kids from school! I’m in trouble with the wife, but it was worth it. LOL!”


First, this is what happens when you bend your business and your strategy around the white hot center of your list, the people who like what you’re teaching, instead of the trolls on the fringes.

I’m not a fusion reactor.

I have a limited amount of energy - and I’d rather focus it on subscribers who are ambitious, who are teachable, and who appreciate what I’m doing.

But to be able to help those subscribers, you need to understand them.

You need to go down the rabbit hole, and get into their world, and look out their window.

So I asked Ro:

“What do you struggle with most when you write emails? Especially marketing emails?”

He said:

“Writing unusual off-the-wall copy in a tone that stands out from the crowd, holds the recipient’s interest and establishes a certain positioning. Emails that the user looks forward to receiving and reads them thoroughly, as opposed to viewing them as just regular boring marketing stuff and skims them. Copy that’s cheeky and memorable.”

I get that. But if it were easy, you’d have done it already.

Because you’re ambitious and you’re teachable.

So why hasn’t it happened yet?

That’s what I wanted to understand, so I asked Ro:

“And what’s the hardest part of doing just that?”

He said:

“hhmmm…good question. Don’t really know. Not having developed my brand’s voice, I guess. And not having good examples to model. I rarely come across emails that I sit up and take notice of.”

Ok, I get what the struggle is, and why it’s hard, but what do you wish was happening instead?

So I went back to Ro and asked:

“If I could promise you ONE result, what would you want it to be?”

It took him all of 5 seconds to get back to me on that one - apparently it was top of mind and tip of tongue:

“The result I want most is to get responses to my emails just like the one I sent you originally : )“

Cool. What will that do for you though?

In other words, why is it important to you to get responses like that? What will that allow in your business?

Ro said:

“It would mean that I have risen above the noise, managed to capture the hearts and minds of my tribe, and have a very engaged audience. That I have touched a nerve of their pain points and have a solution that resonates with them. Which, in turn, translates to higher adoption, longer stick rates, higher LTV etc.”


Yeah, I can attest to that.

I get responses like Ro’s every time I hit send.

And every time it brightens up my day.

It doesn’t require a sales funnel that’s complicated enough to launch a rocket to Mars.

You can make sales almost every time you send an email to your list.

You send an email, it entertains and helps someone, and the goodwill you extend comes back to you in the form of hard cash.

For example, I sent this email on 08 Feb 2017. It took me 62 min to write. Brought in $996 in sales.

Sent this email. Took me 1 hr 41 min to write (I was feeling particularly uncreative that day, and had a severe case of brain fog). Brought in $791 in sales.

Send this email (37 min) followed by this email (15 min) to the 17 people who joined the waitlist. Brought in $938 in sales.

You want to write memorable marketing emails with unusual, off-the-wall copy that stands out like a supernova in the night sky, creates superfans, and sells out your stuff?

Great. I can help with that.

But only if you are ambitious and teachable.

What results do you walk out of the programme with?

Exactly what Ro asked for above.

And that’s why I HAVE to limit it to 5 people.

Because you only get responses and results like this when you write and market from your zone of genius.

Which means, I need to shape the exercises around *your* strengths.

I need to personally go in and edit your emails with you until they work.

I need to dissect your homework and give you line-by-line commentary and psychoanalysis until you “get” it.

Frankly, I can’t be that “hands-on” with a hundred students.

I can’t do it with even ten students, because I can’t carry that many businesses in my head.

But I can do it with five.

The logistics?

Ultimately, the logistics are irrelevant.

I sell results, and I’ll bend the logistics around them until I can get you those results.

That said, here is the basic plan:

  • We start after August 21st, and go on for 6 weeks.
  • We meet once every week for 2-3 hours, where I teach you live and workshop through the exercises hands-on with you. (You get a recording if you can’t attend live.)
  • You should set aside 5 hours/wk for the homework.

You walk out with:

  • An email marketing strategy,
  • Every single marketing email you’ll be sending for the next 3 months, done (by you), edited (by me) and scheduled into your autoresponder.
  • The skills and the smarts to do this on your own for ever and ever after

So that’s Email Prodigy..

Open only to ambitious, teachable subscribers who appreciate my way of doing things.

5 seats - and 1 of those seats is already taken.

Ro will probably snatch one too.

If you want to get in and plant your flag on the supernova before it disappears off the night sky, do it today:​