Pop quiz – Google is to search engines, as ??? is to email (and your buyers’ inboxes) - Trial and Eureka

Pop quiz – Google is to search engines, as ??? is to email (and your buyers’ inboxes)

By Alp | Email Marketing

Having conquered the deep, dark secrets of the iPad, my 90 year-old grandfather has now set foot on the continent of Whatsapp.

He is trying very hard to blend in with the locals, but one thing keeps giving away his century of origin:

He hasn’t quite mastered the vernacular yet.

You know how nobody ever says “check it out in the search engines” instead of “Google it”?

Well, not my grandfather.

Whenever he texts us a weird statistic of questionable veracity he claims to have read on the internet, and one of us texts back with the raised-eyebrow emoji, he instructs us, in capital letters, to “CHECK IT OUT IN THE SEARCH ENGINES!!”

Adorable, right?

But you know what’s even more adorable?

That someone can say “Google it!” and it sounds completely natural.

Think about it:

When I say “search engine,” what comes to mind?

Google owns that position in the market.

That’s “positioning” for you.

Without positioning, you are basically “invisible” in the market.

Great positioning can be the difference between screaming for attention like a tantrum-throwing three year-old (and not getting any) and being the king of your niche.

Your target buyer walks in and the first thing she sees amidst all the noise?

You, on your throne.

Not the hundreds of courtesans trying to curry favour, peddling gossip and barely scraping by.

My loyal subscriber...

The ways to position thyself, and own that position, are many and varied.

Approach ye and I shall whisper in thy ear my favourite:

Making gutsy offers.

To be honest, I didn’t even realise that it was a “thing”, and that I was doing it, until I read Ben Settle’s Crackerjack Positioning this morning.

His Ben-evolence writes:

“Here’s another way to position yourself that takes guts.

But, if you can pull it off, you’ll probably never have to worry about being noticed again. And that is to come up with an offer (or guarantee) so outrageously generous, people have no choice but to check out what you have and trust you.”

Imagine a mechanic who says, “I’ll fix your car right the first time or I’ll buy your car!”

How in the world could you not take him up on that offer?

But it takes guts.

Do you have such absolute trust in your ability to deliver that you can afford to be so outrageously generous?

Theory without practice is like a spirit without a body. So pick up thy quill, my loyal subscriber, and let us practice what we have learnt.

What kind of offer can YOU make that gives people no choice but to check you out?

That will get people buzzing and talking about you?

Well, here is mine:

“I’ll make you an Email Prodigy, or I’ll write your marketing emails for a year.”

What is an Email Prodigy, you ask?

Let’s “check it out in the search engines”:

Email Prodigy (noun): King of the Inbox. Buyers make time to read your marketing emails (while deleting everyone else’s).

On Friday, I opened my court to 5 ambitious and teachable subscribers who want to become Email Prodigies…

… who want to learn how to write marketing emails that stand out like a supernova in the night sky, create superfans, and sell out their stuff.

Alas, my loyal subscriber, 3 of those 5 seats were taken on Sunday.

Only 2 royal seats remain.

So if you’re tired of pouting by yourself in the corner, unable to get your market’s attention…

… and you’re ambitious, teachable and READY to join the Kings’ Table….

Then enter thee here and claim thy throne: