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B2B opt-in offers – do you write the copy for the end-user or the boss who pays for it?

By Alp | List-building

Let’s do a bit of “Q&A” action today.

Subscriber Taylor asks:


“Quick question about FAST50: Would this work for B2B opt-ins?

I have an offline service business (drone services) that I could see this applying with.

I know I need to work on getting more clients in my business through my website and online in general. And I know that offline businesses use lead magnets to get clients (marketing firms, plumbers etc)

Plus, I want to be seen as the drone business that is the expert in drones for these two particular areas: law firms and construction companies.

And I don’t want to have to write 10,000 blog posts to get noticed. While I know content marketing can be effective, I’m a 1-woman show right now, so I need to leverage my time as much as possible, and every hour spent doing something else is an hour taken away from doing paid client-work.”


As regards using FAST50 for B2B:

Yes, the same principles would apply. An opt-in page is an opt-in page.

The nuance here is this:

a) Who is going to be opt-in in? The boss or the end-user in the company?

b) Who is going to make the purchasing decision? Does the user have autonomy to make the purchase even if it’s the boss who “pays”? Or does the decision rest with the boss?

The answer to these questions determines who your “Dreamy” (target buyer) is:

a) the boss?

b) the user?

c) or both?

Each scenario requires a different opt-in offer.

For example, if you are targeting both, then you need two separate versions - one for the boss and one for the end-user.


Because each one’s “problem” will be different. They also use different language when they talk about these problems, which you have to mirror in your copy.

The next step is to consider your marketing strategy for this opt-in offer:

- How will you get the offer in front of each of (a) and (b)?

- What’s your messaging going to be?

- What does the funnel for this service look like?

If all that sounds too complicated to figure out on your own, and you want a “plug-and-play” system that just gives you the answer, go to: