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Prodigy 8X’s his profits in one week using my wicked email marketing ways

By Alp | Email Marketing

​Attention All Doubters:

Please do not leave your questions unattended in the terminal.

Proceed to the nearest information desk and read this mouth-watering case study to put your minds at ease.

Email Prodigy student Rob A proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that my wicked ways work, EVEN if you’re ghostwriting for someone with a completely different personality.

Rob writes copy for a big-name health expert. I can’t reveal the exact name here, but I’ll give you one hint: If you’ve read articles in the natural health space, you probably know who he is.



Hey guys, just wanted to give everyone a quick update on the first email template we were given.

This is a little nudge for you to SEND IT OUT. Please. It works. Check it out.


So if you recall, Alp did a run through of how I could use the Apollo’s Analogy live on our week 2 call.

I loved the story he pulled out of me. It was about how I almost crashed my car in the rain (see my earlier post in the community for the copy).

We sent that out to only a few hundred people, got great feedback, and made some sales.

But Alp and you guys brought up a great point: The story didn’t really fit the voice of the guy I write for.

And for good reason: it wasn’t his story.

It was my own.

So it came across as a little inauthentic and probably didn’t get the results it could have gotten.

So I decided to hit the drawing board and get a story from the horse’s mouth…

From there, I fit the story into the template.

Well, I’m glad I did.

Because it worked amazingly well!

This time I started things out the same way as before: with a small test to a group of a few hundred people on Sept. 12.

And immediately we saw it hit with our audience (see screenshot for the results).

Literally, dozens of people responded saying, “So true! Can’t wait to enroll in this program.”

It resonated so deeply, we decided to roll it out to a much bigger list today...And well, we are VERY happy with the results again (as you can see in the screenshot).

Keep in mind this is a $1,000 course being sold with a soft plug at the bottom of the email.

Each day we sold 4-8x the normal amount we sell. With today's send, it added $35,000 in additional sales. From 1 soft sell email! And we can automate those wins for life.


Now, I know we have the luxury of having a large list to test with. So some of these numbers can seem crazy, but I’m here to attest to these templates.

And push you to keep sending them. I actually think my second attempt was better than the first.

And I can’t wait to get the next template and do more.

Thank you Alp. You’re making me look like a genius. :-)”


Let’s recap:

$35,000 *additional* sales from one email that Rob put together in about the time it takes to have a shower.

And each time they implemented my method, they sold 4-8 times the normal amount they sell.

But what truly fascinates me is something else entirely:

This is a company whose marketing game is already top notch.

Their full-time marketing team has some of the best talent in the industry. Every aspect of their email funnels are tested, tweaked and optimised to perfection.

Now here is the question:

If a company who is already optimised to the teeth can see an 8X increase in profits, how much more dramatic will the transformation be for you?

Especially since your email marketing game probably isn’t that advanced to begin with.

Well, the good news is:

The relative improvement will be even greater for you, because you still have a lot of the low-hanging fruit a company like this has exhausted.

And the bad news?

You missed the boat.

Email Prodigy sold out. Again.

But you can join the VIP Waitlist here and be the first to know when enrolments re-opens, so you don’t miss out: