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The big danger in giving away the farm in your freebies

By Alp | List-building

Witnessed this treachery while surfing the web:

“Today, I saw an elderly man fall in a crosswalk, so I jumped off my bike to help. As I helped him across, the light turned green. I then watched across a 6 lane street as someone stole my bike.”

Can you imagine that?

Reminds me of something one of my FAST50 customers, Sherlynne, asked about opt-in offers:


“My #1 frustration when it comes to creating opt-in freebies is not knowing people WANT it and not knowing the questions to ask to find out WHAT they want. That’s why this FAST50 is so enticing and motivating.

But what I really worry about is this: How do I make the freebie highly desirable without giving away the farm in the process?”


Sherlynne isn’t alone in this.

Most people run into the same fear when they create a freebie to grow their email list.

They worry about competitors “stealing” their technique and passing it off as their own.

They worry about potential customers “stealing” the quick fix and deciding they no longer need the full product.

In other words, they want to do business ethically.

They want to cross the street to give the buyers in need a hand by offering them a valuable lead magnet.

But they worry about someone “stealing their bike” in the meantime.

Well, will you let that fear stop you from doing the right thing?

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between doing the right thing and doing the profitable thing.

Because there IS a way to create an opt-in offer that gets your prospect a quick win, builds instant trust and makes them more likely to buy (without giving away the farm).

So if you want to do good, but also do well in your business, then check out the strategy I teach in FAST50.